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Top 10 Reasons the Bible is True

I’ve got a good friend who’s probably a lot like you.  He loves the Bible and does his best to read it and live it every day.  There’s one problem.  Some of his friends say the Bible isn’t true, and

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Ivory-billed Faith

I’ve always wondered why Jesus scolded his followers for their lack of faith. For example, when the disciples cried out in the storm, or when Peter stepped out of the boat.  It wouldn’t have encouraged me to hear, “O ye

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Top 10 Myths about the Bible

You know what an “urban myth” is, right?  It’s “a story of obscure origin that has little or no supporting evidence, and yet spreads spontaneously.” In other words, it’s a popular belief that’s not true.  That seems like a perfect

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Making the Bible Attractive

What would you say is the biggest setback American Christians have experienced in the “culture wars” over past few years?  I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, it’s not that.  I’d like to suggest that the biggest setback is

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The Beggar at Dawn

How do beggars feel at dawn? To a person who spends every night outside in the cold, is there any joy in the bright, fresh warmth of a new day? I inadvertently found out on my last trip to Athens,

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What’s Your Pattern?

We haven’t met but I know a few things about you.  You believe reading the Bible is important.  Right?  And you own several Bibles, plus you have a Bible app on your smartphone.  Right again? But here’s a question for you, and

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