For decades Christians have been engaged in a battle for the Bible. We’re frustrated that God’s Word is being removed from the public square.  We’re annoyed by a confused interpretation of “the separation of church and state” that privatizes the Bible’s message.  And we’re determined not to let the media disrespect God’s Word any longer.

There’s only one problem.  We’re losing the battle…and it’s our own fault.  Why?  Because most Christians would rather fight about the Bible than actually read it and live it.  While we’ve been busy on the front lines of the culture wars, statistics show that Bible reading among church-goers has been in decline. 

  • 90% of Americans own at least one Bible
  • Less than 20% will read the Bible through in their lifetime
  • 45% “rarely/never” read the Bible
  • 4% of Americans have a biblical worldview 
  • 9% of those “born again” have a biblical worldview

That’s why I’m convinced that the best way to promote biblical values in America is not to force The Good Book on a secular world.  Rather, it’s for the church to have a widespread renewal of Bible reading and living.  That will have a greater impact, at far less cost, than anything else we can do.

When I became the president of Scripture Union, I began asking God to cause Bible reading to take off like wildfire.  I know only He can make that happen. But I believe there are at least two things we can do to help.  First, we can commit to the basic discipline of reading God’s Word ourselves.  And second, we can pray that God will “ignite a Bible reading revival” beginning in the church.  Are you with me?

Losing the Battle for the Bible

2 thoughts on “Losing the Battle for the Bible

  • August 7, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    I totally agree with your view.SU should get her members to be true students and readers of the bible through group or community bible study.We can't afford to loss this battle.

  • August 8, 2009 at 1:38 am

    I believe these about the Bible!

    You find people in leadership in the church
    who know nothing of the Bible.
    They could give you sports scores but ask
    about the Bible and they know nothing.


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