Allen Huth has given his life to promoting a method of Bible reading that’s new to most Christians.

He’s the founder of The Ezra Project, a ministry committed to closing the gap between God’s people and God’s Word. A few weeks ago I spent a day with Allen exploring ways The Ezra Project and Scripture Union might be able to work together. I came away impressed by his single-minded zeal for reversing the decline in Bible reading among American church-goers.

“People know about the research from Barna and Gallup saying that a lot of Christians don’t pay attention to the Bible anymore,” he told me, “but no one seems to care. I don’t get it.” What Allen has been doing about it through The Ezra Project is to speak at churches of all sizes challenging people to give his new Bible reading method a try.

So what’s the new method? It’s simple: Just do it. Just get out your Bible and read it. Every day. That’s what Allen has been doing ever since God got his attention with a near fatal car accident at age 15. And after reading God’s Word he writes his insights in a journal. That basic discipline has changed Allen’s life; it’s the “new method” he’s encouraging everyone to follow.

“I know I’m asking people to do something they don’t do much anymore,” Allen told me, “read and write.” Even so, he presses on. In just over 7 years he has personally motivated over 9,000 people to give his Bible reading method a try.

I believe Allen Huth is part of the growing number of people God is raising up to ignite a Bible reading revival in the church. If you want to be part of this growing movement, if you have an idea for promoting Bible reading in your church, here’s my advice to you: Just do it.

A New Bible Reading Method

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