I’m baffled by Christians who spend so much energy complaining that the Bible is being pushed out of the public square. Why? Because it isn’t true. Oh sure, there are plenty of people in our pluralistic society who don’t obey God’s Word, even some who publicly disrespect it. But that’s a different issue, one that’s been with us since the Garden of Eden.

Think about this: Over 90% of American households own one or more Bibles. You can borrow a Bible from any public library. You can buy a Bible from any bookstore; ironically, there are more Bibles in Barnes and Noble than most Christian bookstores. Not only that, the Bible is freely available online in multiple translations and languages, from sites like BibleGateway and YouVersion.

I would contend that the Bible isn’t being pushed out of the public square. In the Western world, and especially the United States, the reverse is true: we have a glut of Bibles. The real problem is we don’t regularly read the Bible or faithfully live out its message. Why not put more energy into addressing that issue?

My encouragement to Christians who, like me, want to see the Bible become a more pervasive influence in society is this: start with “the household of God.” On any given Sunday, 45% of Americans attend a worship service. If just half of these church-goers became more regular in their Bible reading it would not only renew the church, but also do more to influence our neighbors for God than anything else we could do.

The best way to win the culture war is not for Christians to hyperventilate about those who don’t believe the Bible. Instead, it’s for the church to “read it and live it” themselves. Until we do that, our message and our mission will never be fully successful.
Bible Glut in the Public Square

2 thoughts on “Bible Glut in the Public Square

  • January 26, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Right on brother! Access to the Word of God is not the issue; getting between the covers is! When Christians renew their commitment to the Bible, they will lead their families, churches, and communities back to Biblical behavior. It starts with us Christians. We can expect nothing less!

    Allen Huth
    The Ezra Project

  • January 29, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Today's opening prayer is appropriate for all who have their daily reading in front of the computer! What a great benefit Scripture Union offers to cyber disciples.


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