In my last post I mentioned a recent survey by The Pew Forum where atheists/agnostics scored higher in Bible knowledge than Christians. Doh! But this time, I want to tell you how I discovered the most significant and surprising outcome of the survey.

It happened last week at the annual meeting of the Forum of Bible Agencies-North America, a group of Christian leaders that are in some way involved in “the Bible cause.” You might expect such an event to be a real yawner, especially since the Bible is everywhere in North America already. What’s to talk about?

Actually, quite a bit. We invited Alan Cooperman, the man behind the Pew Survey of Religious Knowledge, to walk us through some of the key findings–that religion is very important to Americans, or that educational attainment is the single leading predictor of higher religious knowledge, or that…I hate to break it to you…a lot of Christians don’t know their Bibles very well. So how did we respond? Did we booo, argue or kick him out for sharing such bad news? Far from it. We thanked Mr. Cooperman for helping us better understand the urgent need for Bible engagement among church-goers.

Then an unexpected thing happened; at the end, we joined together for an impromptu prayer meeting (see the picture above). We called out to God for Bible reading revival; we asked God to unify us so that we could help people of all ages read and live his Word. Standing in that circle of prayer made me realize God had used a negative secular survey to ignite a positive ministry outcome. That’s significant. So I invite you to join the circle; join us in praying for Bible reading revival in your church, your community and your country.

Good News About Bible Engagement

2 thoughts on “Good News About Bible Engagement

  • December 18, 2010 at 8:17 am

    I agree with this good news about Bible engagement. God is at work among us and if we search for Him with all our heart we shall surely find Him.

    Jim Skidmore
    Montreat, NC

  • February 14, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    I was so encourged – thrilled, actually – to read this story of a spontaneous, and unified, prayer by representatives of diverse, Christian organizations! Praise God for His work among you all, who were at that meeting – and for all of your willingness to join in that prayer, despite whatever theological or doctrinal differences may have, on some level, made you “separate”!

    One cannot deny or minimize the real theological and doctrinal differences among the various limbs and branches of Christ's universal Church – but all of these, as honest theologians often point out, are products of human intellect striving to understand a Lord
    Who is beyond understanding. It is my earnest prayer that educated Christians will seek unity, partly by acknowledging that human language and logic, while indispensable, are ultimately as limited and flawed as everything else that is human or of this world. I pray that we will all come to greater appreciation for what we have in common: one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one Holy Spirit – and spend more effort on the things that unite us, rather than on “deifying” that which divides the Body of Christ. Surely, encountering both God's Word and God's words in the Bible, is one way we can share a united Foundation.

    Thanks to the Lord for the ministry and mission He is accomplishing through Scripture Union – and for Scripture Union's faithfulness to Him!

    Edward Larkin
    Bloomington, MN


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