Bible engagement is on the move!  More Christian leaders are talking about it.  And more Christian organizations are spending money on it.  That’s all good.  But I’ve been thinking about what it is; does anyone have a definition of “Bible engagement” that the average Christian can understand and remember?  Well guess what?  I’m going to take a crack at it.

But before I do, let’s consider “what it’s not.”  Bible engagement is not something only clergy can do; it’s for everyone.  And it’s not something for people with lots of Bible experience; it’s for Bible newbies too.  And it’s not just for people who like to read thick, dusty books before the sun comes up; it’s for people who are hungry for meaning all day long. OK…so what is it?  Drum roll, please…

Bible engagement is“the process of taking in and living out God’s Word for the purpose of knowing him better and experiencing him more.”

You can remember that, right?  Now let me break it down for you:

Taking in…which usually involves reading, but it can also involve hearing or watching or drawing or singing, or you name it.  I just got a new iPad2 and I’m discovering there are lots of creative ways to take in the Bible’s message (when I’m not goofing around with the other apps).
Living out…it doesn’t do any good to be a Bible-know-it-all if it doesn’t make a difference in your actions.  That’s called hypocrisy.  Over the years I’ve discovered the most effective Bible study “method” is to do what it says.  That’s when I really understand what it means.
Knowing him better…theologians say the Bible is God’s “self-revelation.”  No matter what Bible passage you read, always ask, “What does this teach me about God?”  If you want to know God, read his Book.
Experiencing him more…the Bible is like God’s personal journal; reading it connects us to his personality, his heart, and we begin to sense he is “with us.”  For real.  That’s when the Bible becomes life-changing.

So that’s my shot at defining Bible engagement.  But I’m not saying it’s the only definition.  How would you describe it?  Add a comment to this blog post and let me know…what it is.

What It Is

3 thoughts on “What It Is

  • May 4, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Thank you, this is incredible.
    Take in, live out, know and experience God more!!!
    I CAN remember this and when I read the bible I will be conscious of how I can live out what I have just taken in.
    I have been “afraid” to get close to God because of a past traumatic event but recently was freed from fear. Now I will expect great experiences with God as I take in and live out His word.
    Thank you for your love of God and His word and your obedience to share with His children.

  • January 27, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Bible Engagement: The word “engagement'' poignantly identifies with the Lord's spirit within me. Aka: The bride = me, you, the church and Christ the groom…we are engaged! WE ARE SEALED = THE RING (a circle) of ENGAGEMENT THAT WE USE prior to marriage. What the circle signifies; completeness = take in, live out, know him, experience him more = abiding, honor, love…etc. Also ''Bible Engagement'' means to me Engaging with THE WORD = CHRIST. I am certain that the words “Bible Engagement'' were given to you by the Holy Spirit through much prayer; and, God knows the heart Scripture Union has to glorify the Lord, getting everyone to read God's Word etc…..


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