With Lamar Vest and the signed
Uncover the Word Commitment

A lot of people think the Bible is a divisive book, and I know why.  They see Christians arguing over it.  They see churches splitting over it.  They see publishers and ministries competing over it.  Wouldn’t it nice if the world began to see Christians uniting over it?  Well I’m happy to report there’s a new movement in the church to do exactly that, unite around the Bible.  And you can be part of it.
With Pastor Rick Warren at the
Uncover the Word Summit
The movement is called Uncover the Word and it’s sponsored by the Forum of Bible Agencies and led by the American Bible Society.   Earlier this month, nearly 300 Christian leaders from all sectors of the Christian church, gathered in Orlando for inspiration, challenge and most importantly, to sign the  Uncover the Word Commitment, a document that declares our common commitment to God’s Word, the Bible, and our dedication to reading it, living it and promoting it together, something Scripture Union wholeheartedly supports.   If you’d like to be part of this Uncover movement, I invite you to sign the Uncover the Word Commitment yourself.  
The Uncover the Word movement will be sharing research and resources for encouraging more people to read God’s Word on a regular basis.  But for now, the “man bites dog story” is this: Christians are beginning to unite around the Bible.  That’s great news! 
Uniting Around the Bible

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