We haven’t met but I know a few things about you.  You believe reading the Bible is important.  Right?  And you own several Bibles, plus you have a Bible app on your smartphone.  Right again?

love-the-bibleBut here’s a question for you, and your answer says a lot about what you really believe about the Bible: What’s your pattern?  In other words, how do you read the Bible? When you pick it up, what do you actually do, and what do you hope to gain?

Over the years, I’ve found that asking a person about their Bible reading habit reveals what they really believe about God’s Word.  Some are guilty, “Oh, I know I should but…?  Some are frustrated, “Yeah, I tried that but I just don’t get it.”   And some change the subject, “Well, what I read is devotionals.”

But every once in a while someone says, “Here’s where I sit.  Here’s the Bible I use.  Here’s my notebook.  Here’s how I do it…”  What I’ve discovered is the person who loves to describe the particulars of their habit is a person who loves to read God’s Word.

So go ahead, ask me.  What’s my Bible reading pattern?  Well, I wake up at around 6:00 am, make coffee and sit on the front couch with my iPad.  I read the Encounter with God passage several times in YouVersion from different translations.  Then I take notes on the passage and paste a stand-out verse into Evernote so I can quickly refer back to it during the day.  And then I pray, about what I learned and my prayer requests.  Sometimes I jot down answered prayers in Evernote.  Now I have years of stand-out verses and answered prayers.

Oh, and at night in bed, I usually read a few Psalms from a good old-fashion printed Bible.  I could keep describing what I do…but you get the point.  I love it.

So I’m not trying to lay a big guilt trip on you, but what’s your pattern?  Add it as a comment and let others know.   Thanks!

What’s Your Pattern?

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