bible_810The Holy Bible is the best-selling book of all time.  Yet study after study reveals that Bible reading has steadily declined.

The clear need in the Western church is not for more Bible sales or distribution.  Rather, it is for more Bible engagement, that is, regular reading of the Bible and application of its message, which research now shows is the number one predictor of spiritual health and growth in a church.

Essential Bible Ministries brings a unique approach to this Bible engagement opportunity, which is captured in its mission statement:  Working in partnership with churches and like-minded organizations, the mission of Essential Bible Ministries is: to help people of all ages meet God in the Bible and prayer, to make the Bible and its life-changing message attractive to all people, and to be a catalyst for church-based Bible reading revival

Essential Bible Ministries offers a variety of programs and resources for individuals, groups and churches including Essential Series (Essential 100, Essential Jesus and Essential Question), works as a “design shop” for developing new Bible engagement programs, and forms strategic partnerships with denominations and organizations to enhance their Bible engagement efforts.

But the bigger vision of Essential Bible Ministries is that when people read and live God’s Word in community, it leads not just to the renewal of a personal spiritual discipline, but also to the renewal of the church itself.  Essential Bible Ministries, therefore, seeks to be a catalyst for Bible reading revival.